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The European Ecotourism Network (EEN) is a network of organisations aiming to ensure that ecotourism services in Europe contribute to a genuine conservation and sustainability effort. Our target is to connect ecotourism stakeholders across Europe and facilitate the transfer of knowledge and experience for the benefit of ecotourism practitioners, academics and policy makers. EEN supports the development and implementation of the European Ecotourism Labelling Standard (EETLS) - an initiative that ensures baseline standards of quality in ecotourism while avoiding at the same time green-washing and unsustainable operations. EEN supports the training resources and the quality evaluation tools developed by the ECOLNET project, which are accessible online and free to use by all EEN members.

We are proud to announce that the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) has officially granted unconditional recognition to the current version of EETLS. To see this version of EETLS, please register at the EEN online community above and download the pdf file

We welcome you to visit all pages of the website and benefit from the networking and learning opportunities offered.

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