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The European Ecotourism Labelling Standard


EETLS - the European Ecotourism Labelling Standard - is a baseline quality standard developed along the lines of the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria, for European Ecotourism. The EETLS is the result of a lengthy development and consultation process that documented international best practice leading to a set of criteria and indicators that are suitable for ensuring quality of ecotourism services.

The EETLS is complimentary to existing certification schemes, setting minimum acceptable standards that can be used by certification schemes and quality labels to benchmark and, hopefully, adjust their own requirements. The EETLS aims to provide a Europe-wide dimension of ecotourism quality certification, offering the possibility for an EETLS-compliance sign integrated in the existing labels.

The first version of the EETLS, developed under the ECO-DESTINET project, co-funded by the LLP-Leonardo programme of the European Commission, has been revised by the ECOLNET team. The revision process has included a consultation campaign with European quality labels, ecotourism stakeholders and the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

The EETLS was the first  Standard to gain recognition from the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) in 2011. Among the project partners, PRISMA and the affiliated NGO Hellenic Ecotourism Society use standards based on EETLS that have currently (2019) achieved "Recognition" by the GSTC.

To view the current status of the EETLS revision you may download it here.

To learn about the evaluation procedures for sustainable tourism certification and about the competence and learning needs of evaluators you may download the "Evaluation Procedures. Competencies and Learning Report" pdf.

To download the EETLS Handbook click on the attached pdf file below.

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