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EEN training offer


The training packages of EEN target evaluators, labelling agencies and ecotourism enterprises and aim to provide knowledge and skills for efficiently and reliably carrying out the assessment of EETLS compliance.

One of the major issues faced by ecotourism certification agencies, as identified during the ECO-DESTINET project, was the lack of resources for training the businesses that wished to be awarded an ecotourism quality label, as well as training the evaluators of the applicants. The ECOLNET project has developed training resources addressing businesses and evaluators, and the EEN is now in a position to provide to the ecotourism community appropriate learning content that explains, amplifies and illustrates the requirements of the EETLS criteria.

The learning packages are delivered online, via a moodle platform. The business e-learning package provides knowledge on the principles and practice of sustainable tourism and ecotourism, connects these to increased competitiveness of the tourism business and includes a direct reference to the EETLS criteria and the requirements for meeting them. This package is linked to a self-assessment tool that is meant to measure the degree of compliance of the business with the EETLS criteria and will be tutor facilitated on demand.

The evaluators’ learning package includes all the training material targeted to ecotourism business, making sure that the evaluator shares the same knowledge as the business he or she evaluates; and a separate section that refers to the personal skills of the evaluator and includes also an analysis of the EETLS criteria and their application.


Pilot implementation of the training packages is on! You may visit the e-learning platform here, to inspect the learning material. Just log in as a guest and use the password 'Eco2012'

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