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Ecotourism Resources

ECOLNET is developing a range of resources to support the application of the EETLS by individual businesses and certification agencies active in the field of ecotourism.

A central learning resource developed by ECOLNET is the online training packages which are targeted to tourism businesses and evaluators of the EETLS. The training packages are accessible via a moodle platform. For more information on the training packages  visit this link.

The content of the training packages relate to the EETLS requirements. The learning content is organised in units, and each unit is followed by exercises, further reading material and linked to case studies. If you would like to use the training packages, click here to visit the e-learning platform. Just log in as a guest and use the password 'Eco2012'.



The contents of the training package for businesses include the following units:

1. Establishing and Managing your Business

1.1  Is Ecotourism the way Forward

1.2  How to write a business plan

1.3  The Law and your business

1.4  Documenting your business

1.5  Ethics and your Business

1.6  Managing Staff

1.7  Health and Safety at work

1.8 Marketing your business

1.9 The role of certification and awards in your business

1.10 Involving local communities and people

1.11  Community Payback

1.12  Supporting Biodiversity

2. Service and your Client

2.1  Meeting Customer Demands

2.2  Guiding and Interpreting

2.3 The role of Customer feedback

2.4  Visitor payback schemes

2.5  Health and Safety and Risk assessments

2.6 Providing food and drink

2.7 Activity Tourism

3. Sustainable business practice

3.1  Managing a sustainable business

3.2  Environmental Legislation including Codes of Practice

3.3  Environmental Impact Assessment and Socio Economic Impact Assessment

3.4  Sustainable building design and construction

3.5  Servicing your business

3.6  Environmentally sensitive business operation


EETLS Evaluator’s Training

The training package for evaluators includes all the above units, 1 – 3, and an additional unit 4, with the following sub-units

4. Evaluator skills

4.1 Personal skills

4.2 The  EETLS

4.3 The  EETLS Evaluation Process and the Online Tool



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