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2nd European Ecotourism Conference

The 2nd European Ecotourism Conference held in Poiana Braşov, Romania, from 23 to 25 October, was a great success!! Organised in the context of the European Ecotourism Knowledge Network (ECOLNET), the conference gathered more than 80 professionals of Ecotourism from 22 countries, who exchanged knowledge and experience, discussed good practice and planned the future of ecotourism in Europe.


The four main topics of the Conference were:

Topic 1: Improving the Benefits provided by Certification Programs and Standards

Topic 2: Multi-Stakeholder Approaches to Developing Ecotourism Destinations

Topic 3: Practical Tools for conservation and local development

Topic 4: Product Development Strategies for Better Visitor Experience

Below you can find the main Conclusions for each topic. Click to download the attachments.

Click here to see the Conference Declaration. If you want to check the outcomes of the Conference click here.



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