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The planned Workshops are core events for disseminating the European Ecotourism Network and the learning products produced by ECOLNET.

Nine National Workshops have been held accross Europe. In three out of the nine workshops, the full ECOLNET partnership had participated.


This workshop, held in Helsinki on the 18th Nov. 2013, rounded up a series of 9 workshops that took place during the ECOLNET project. 23 participants coming from sustainable tourism organisations, education institutes, ecotourism businesses and certification agencies, as well as NGOs, discussed the recent and likely future developments in the field of labelling standards and certification schemes addressing sustainable tourism and ecotourism, with special reference to the EETLS.

Click on the attachments below to gain more information for the event.

The 9th workshop organised within the context of the ECOLNET project, took place in Italy, on November 14, 2013 and was held at the Centro Ippico Ambrosiano by Imaginary srl, one of the Italian partners. The event was mainly based on interaction and aimed at the dissemination of the ECOLNET project and of the e-tools. You can read the report of the event by clicking on the attachment below.

More than 70 people attended the European Ecotourism Network and the "Ecotourism in Spain" Club presentation, took place in Madrid on Wednesday 26th June. TUREBE, an Innovative Business Group focused on the technological and sustainable development of Spanish Ecotourism Destinations, also presented the new website of Ecotourist in Spain (, as a member of this European Ecotourism Network.

The workshop had a good representation of multiple actors involved in the creation and promotion of sustainable tourism products that value the natural heritage of Spain: tourism business, public administration, local action groups, NGOs, agencies travel and tour operators, and so on. It is worthy to note the participation of Ricardo Blanco Portillo (Head of Sustainable Tourism in TURESPAÑA -Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism-), Carlos Erce (Director of Tourism and Commerce, Government of Navarra), Mª Encarnación Rico (Head of Marketing Service at National Geographic Information Center - National Geographic Institute), Víctor Gutiérrez López (Coordinator of Projects and LIFE+ at Fundación Biodiversidad), Daniel Serrano Gadea (Head of Conservation Strategies and Plans Service at Ministry of Agriculture, Alimentation and Environment), Gemma Miralles (Content Manager at SEGITTUR), Amanda Guzmán (Coordinator of Projects at ECOTONO as European Network of Ecotourism partner), Isabel Sánchez Tejado (President of TUREBE) and other agencies and entities as PEFC España,  SEO BirdLife, EcoWildlife Travel, etc. All the participants unanimously supported the initiatives that were presented as the umbrella that will offer quality ecotourism products.

The meeting was well received by the participants, as reflected in the evaluation surveys, and was covered by various media means such as: EFE Verde, Sustainable Rural Development Magazine and Quercus Magazine amongst others.

More information – in Spanish – is available here:

The 7th Workshop of the ECOLNET Project entitled “The Future of Ecotourism in Greece: the Contribution of a Labeling Standard” was realized in Athens, on Wednesday 22nd May. The workshop was attended by key stakeholders in the field of ecotourism and agrotourism who discussed both the problems regarding the development of Ecotourism in Greece, as well as potential solutions. The Workshop was attended by the piloting businesses participating in ECOLNET, members of the Greek Tourism Council, representatives of relevant Ministries (Ministry of Agricultural Development, Ministry of the Environment), the Hellenic Union of Agrotourism, representatives from environmental NGOs', representatives of Managment Bodies of Protected Areas, members of the National Media and ecotourism businesses, amongst others.

The workshop ended on the positive note of the creation of a Working Group that will further elaborate on these problems, find solutions and strive to enforce them.



The 6th Workshop of the ECOLNET project was realized in Zoetermeer, Netherlands between 10 and 12 May 2013. For more information, click on the attachments below.

The workshop entitled: Ecotourism in Scotland: Opportunities, Challenges and EU Standards took place on Thursday 28 February at The Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, Edinburgh. The speakers included: Dr. Kathy Velander, Edinburgh Napier University on the European Ecotourism Labelling Standard and the ECOLNET project, Dr. Peter Varley, West Highland College, UHI, Fort William on slow adventure tourism, Mr. Duncan Bryden, Bryden Associates, Tomatin on the value of nature based tourism to Scotland, Dr. Jayne Glass, Centre for Mountain Studies, Perth College, UHI on land management standards and their application to ecotourism and Mrs. Wilma Finlay, Cream o’Galloway, Gatehoue of Fleet on the past and future of their business Cream o’Galloway. The event was organised by the ECOLNET partner, Edinburgh Napier University along with the Centre for Mountain Studies and the Scottish Consortium for Rural Research. The attendees included representatives of various Scottish government agencies, consultants, private businesses, researchers and non-government organisations.

The meeting offered the opportunity to promote the EETLS to a variety of businesses, consultants and other interested parties, as well as enabling cross-sector discussions on the opportunities as well as the challenges facing individuals currently involved in tourism and ecotourism. The role of the EETLS in supporting sustainable tourism was discussed with particular reference to the Evaluation Tool and supporting learning material. The economic importance of wildlife tourism to Scotland was highlighted as well the potential for ‘slow’ activity tourism as an expanding market. The five principals for sustainable estate management were presented along with details of Wildlife Estates Scotland (WES) an organisation of Scottish landowners committed to managing their estates in line with biodiversity conservation and delivering multiple benefits to rural communities. Finally the issues related to developing a tourism business were highlighted including the need to meet ever changing customer demands. The panel discussion enabled further exploration of the topics addressed during the workshop including discussions relating to how best to expand and support ecotourism in Scotland including sustainable business development and specific health and safety issues relevant to ecotourism. A follow on meeting was proposed for the autumn of 2013.


Click on the attachments below to download the Workshop presentations, invitation and programme


The 4th Workshop of the ECOLNET Project, entitled 'Making tourism more sustainable: Needs and opportunities for knowledge exchange and networking was realised in Berlin on the 7th March, within the framework of the ITB, bringing together more than 20 organizations with an interest in exchange and collaboration for mutual benefits.


You may find more details on the Workshop, as well as all the Presentations and pictures here:



The 3rd National workshop of the ECOLNET Project was held in Romania on November 2nd, 2012, under the theme “European Ecotourism Standards and the Ecotourism Destinations Network in Romania” . Click on the attachments below to view some pictures and get more information.

The 2nd international workshop of ECOLNET has held in Tartu, Estonia 29 June 2012 and was broadcasted live via internet. The recording of the broadcast can be viewed by following this link. The virtual participants were able to interact with the project team and the participants in Tartu via twitter. The twitts have been recorded and can be read by following this link.


1st Workshop in Italy, 16th November 2011, Rome, Italy

Our first workshop was held in Italy, Rome 16th of November 2011 at Palazzetto Mattei, Villa Celimontana, via della Navicella 12, from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm . The programme of the event and the presentations can be downloaded below. The event was organized by the Italian partner CTS (Centro Turistico Studentesco) being the first of nine provided as part of the project’s networking and dissemination activities. Public and private institutions, companies and professionals dealing with sustainable tourism and ecotourism in Italy, as well as representatives of the  ECOLNET partner organizations attended the workshop. The meeting was an opportunity to discuss the EETLS standards, certification and CSR schemes as means to improve the environmental quality of tourist enterprises, but also to focus on what stands in the way of spreading use of these tools in companies and destinations.

The workshop was also attended by Mrs. Caterina Cittadino, Head of Tourism Department to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers who in her welcoming speech highlighted the great attention paid by the Italian Government towards quality and ethic issues in tourism, hence the interest placed in the ECOLNET project.




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