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The EETLS Handbook is now ready and uploaded on EEN's website and online community. It focuses on the products developed by the European Ecotoursim Network (ECOLNET), namely, the European Ecotourism Labelling Standard (EETLS) and the accompanying learning material and online evaluation tools. The handbook targets ecotourism businesses wishing to obtain EETLS certification; agencies assessing the quality of sustainable tourism or ecotourism; and education/research organisations actively involved in ecotourism. It aims to:

  • provide all ecotourism professionals – especially ecotourism businesses and quality  certification agencies – with a simple and efficient methodology for using the EETLS and the evaluation and learning tools developed by ECOLNET;


  • help the user understand the structure and content of the EETLS, obtain a working knowledge of the EETLS criteria and indicators, and provide the means for assessing the compliance of business practices with the EETLS.

All of the businesses that wish to use the e-evaluation tools and/or the e-training packages, can download the Handbook by clicking on the attachment below.

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