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Businesses that comply with the EETLS

Discover below some of the businesses that participated in the piloting phase and achieved compliance with the EETLS.



1. Eumelia-Greece

2. Cherryland-Greece



3. Natuurlijk Buiten-Netherlands

4. Thyencamp-Netherlands

5. L'Algadir Delta Hotel-Spain

6. Cerro de Hijar Hotel-Spain



8. Apuseni Experience-Romania


9. Kardamyli-Greece


10. Axios Delta National park-Greece


11. Asdon Aventura-Spain


12. Europarks Hispano Lusos-Spain

13. Skinos Ilivatos Boutique Eco Villa-Greece

14. La Biancina-Italy


15. Glenloy Wildlife

16. Hunting Hall Green Holidays

Click on the attachments below to read more and access information on the businesses (all pdfs contain active links to the businesses)

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